Listings under Ebooks

  • Calibre - Free and open-source e-book computer software application suite which runs on multiple platforms, allows users to manage e-book collections as well as create, edit, and read e-books. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Clearview - Tabbed style e-book reader for PDF, EPUB (DRM free), CHM, and MOBI.
  • iChm - Ebook reader for CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML help) files. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Kindle App - Amazon official reading app of kindle.
  • Klib - New way to manage highlights for Kindle and iBooks. Freeware App Store
  • Scribus - Professional layout and publishing software supporting EPS and SVG import/export, and PDF support. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Sigil - Multi-platform EPUB ebook Editor. Open-Source Software Freeware

Something to know

  • Open-Source Software denotes open source.
  • Freeware denotes free to use.
  • Freeware denotes to App store.